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Package Vulnerability Scanning

Package Vulnerability Scanning Let’s consider you are writing an application. To implement the application, you divided the problem into sub-parts and created packages for each. Maybe you wrote these packages yourself or you prefer to use open source 3rd party packages. And everything works perfectly. Now you need to deploy your application or deliver it to your customer. Did you check everything? So let’s ask one last question, is your app secure enough? The security of each package you write or use in the applications you create is extremely important. In this article, we will see how to do a security scan on packages. Let’s take a quick look at the content of the article: What is package? Package Vulnerability Scanning Docker Security Scanning - Snyk - Trivy Lab - python:3.9 - python:3.9-slim Extra - python:3.9-slim vs python:3.9-alpine What is package? P ackages are software components that perform operations and, when compiled together an application. Though programs are designed