The Intersection of Politics and Cyber Security

    We should buy newspapers to support news agencies and we love smell of hard-copy books but let's face it, reading news online costs nothing and it is more practical. Since kindle is out, new gens are not buying books anymore. We're definitely in a cyber era. 
Plastic credit cards are easier to carry than paper bills. We like using plastic versus paper, so we can track our spendings through bank statements.
Oh and we used to call up friends to let them know what's up and vice versa and now everything we do is stated on a Facebook status, a tweet or on other social media tools.

    Everything you just read above including what you prefer to read online to credit card spendings to your so-called private life on social media are NOT private at all. Internet records every step of your daily life, feelings you share, spendings, needs, your close network of people and many more. Anything online is vulnerable to intrusions. A time comes and we realize desired high-tech makes our life easier but takes away our privacy -potentially may interfere with our future. For instance, the U.S presidential election took place recently. Besides media putting too much emphasis on Brangelina divorce, this year's election was a big deal, not only for States but for rest of the world as well. I can't help but make fun of people who have fallouts with their relatives and close friends because of elections. I could more relate to them when local elections took place in Turkey but U.S. elections matter to you "that" much? C'mon!

    Unlike most 3rd world countries, U.S. elections are done through a digital device. Initially Company Cylance found a loophole on voting machines. Votes may have been easily manipulated by as simple as a USB stick.
Here is their article with a demo video below.  *Don't try this at home 😉

Voting Machine Vulnerability


    Then, the U.S. elections happened and we found out Clinton didn't trust State Department's server and used her family's private email server for governmental matters. This is how exclusive information got leaked to Wikileaks way past. Also, this is where Trump got his source of information to use against Clinton during his campaign. Clinton, being a candidate to run as the president of the United States of America, using an unsecured email account, sounds very careless I know; BUT how many of us really put any thought to Cyber Security until it is gotten to us?

Jade Y. Simsek
Int. Relations Manager
CRYPTTECH - Cyber Security Intelligence


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