Universal Laws and Regulations - Re: Google

When it comes to country borders, refugees, various financial profits including currencies, firearms trade to nuclear power plants no one talks about universal laws!

Now a judge decides evidence is missing at a case and asks Google to hand over all data logged outside of the US. I have tough time grasping what's going on lately. 
How does one country's judge decides for a global regulation?
First of all, I can see the world court hearing arguments about one country obtaining data stored in another country and then issues an order based on the merits of that argument. But I expect that the mandate would have certain provisions: Namely that the company/entity in question does business in, or has headquarters in, the country requesting the information and that information pertains strictly to individuals who reside or for the dates the individuals used to reside in the country requesting the information. Proof of all of this maybe more must be presented, along with the specifics necessary for the issuance of a warrant.

Secondly, there is something called "due process"(14th-15th amendment). Americans don't actually have a specific outline of due process for these types of requests, so courts are just seeing how far they can push or if they can push which is bad for precedent and everything else. The founding fathers never envisioned the ability to transmit data elsewhere, or I imagine they'd have come up with something to deal with the situation.

In the meantime, although privacy advocates will down-vote me, and law-and-order types will up-vote me, the fact is, due process exists so government can invade the privacy of individuals legally and constitutionally, with probable cause. That benchmark must always be met for that to happen. The problems in the past were that the benchmark was often ignored or glossed over. Now what legitimately needs to happen seems odd to all of us.

To an outsider, US seems arrogant. They seem to think they rule the world when they really should fix their own house first. Maybe they can start from firearm laws, criminal raids on foreign soil or telling countries what to think, say and do. They will keep adding enemies on their list.

At last, there is a reason why Google has been THE search engine. 

Google search engine is not made to be fancy or complicated to use (although they probably would want to) because the founders had no HTML back then. Stanford University still owns the patent for Google's algorithm because founders were still graduate students there way back when PageRank developed. Basic and easy to use page worked better for end users after all. 

Instead of putting financial benefits in priority, its mission was to "organize information and make it universally accessible and useful". Google's unofficial motto is "Don't be evil"Google does what we all need to do "Remembers its factory settings". 
Did you know Google rents 200 goats to mow and fertilize the grounds around its Mountain View Headquarter?
Google HQ - Mountain View, CA

Now how can one not feel sympathy towards Google? 

Google has liability towards individuals for their personal data. If global law applies to Google, it should be a two way street where other countries should be able to ask for data from the US. This is assuming we live in a decent world with no double standards...  

Jade Y. Simsek
Int. Relations Manager
CRYPTTECH - Cyber Security Intelligence


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