Select USA 2016 – Investment Summit

SUSA is a U.S. government-wide program housed in the International Trade Administration at the United States Department of Commerce

As CRYPTTECH, we were one of the 25 companies proudly invited to the event from Turkey. This event took place in Washington, DC in June 19-21 this year. It opened up a whole new world for us. Organization’s website was very well designed where we could see all attendees from different parts of the world, ask for one on one meetings and obtain a full schedule before even get there. We got notified of any update or change by application downloaded our phones and even better we had to use pokens instead of business cards. What is a poken? It’s a touch base USB stick which lights up to notify, it got all the contact information at its database. For more information, you can check out It seemed like this procedure was new to most of us.

The purpose of SUSA was to bring investors from all over the world and give briefs about which sector might be best to invest in the US to which state. When we consider our field of Information Technology, the first place comes to mind is Silicon Valley but attending SUSA this year taught us IT is concentrated all over the country. We got to compare all states tax returns for maintaining a business in the US -which vary up to 90% from one another. We’re specialized in Cyber Security and California is definitely a hot spot but not the only place to be, it might be one of the bottom on the list when it comes to cost.

- Finding location with talent (cost effectiveness; tax return %, wage, rent, electricity, etc cost)

- Entering the Market and Development – labour in the US is dying and it’s going to be at more of a risk in 20 years. Choosing a less developed state would be more affordable and effective.

Select USA this year’s highlight was Barack Obama’s speech. This is his last term serving as a president for the US and apparently he will be looking for a job over LinkedIn incase you know anyone hiring J Here is an amateur video I took with my phone before he came up to the stage: 

You can also check out his whole speech below:

Int. Relations Manager
CRYPTTECH - Cyber Security Intelligence


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