CRYPTTECH Threat Intelligence Map

CRYPTTECH Threat Intelligence Map (The CTI), showing global cyber-attacks on real-time on world map, has been published.

Using the CTI System, the data from the cyber intelligence services, common threats and the speed of threats spreading on country basis, can be monitored. Based on the statistical information on the Cyber Threat Map, it is possible to observe the distribution of attacks / harmful activities in the last day and week on the basis of countries and attack types.

Based on the data from the CTI System, it is possible to query IP / Domain / URL addresses found in malicious or suspicious activities. Corporations and/or individuals can search their IP / Domain / URL addresses within the system to measure their reliability and determine the addresses involved in these activities.

Site supports both Turkish and English languages integrated with CRYPTTECH’s UNITMON and CRYPTOSIM products. You can reach CRYPTTECH Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Map from the following link. 


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