Company Culture From a Staff’s Perspective

      CRYPTTECH - Cyber Security Intelligence has been around for ten years. The company has had its ups and downs but managed to grow almost 50% each year starting with one product only. Company now has 40 technicians working in Istanbul servicing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), Log Management, Hot Spot and UnITMon (Unified IT Monitoring).

       CRYPTTECH company management drives from a unique strategy or should we call it a ‘humanitarian attitude’? A surprising humble approach makes all staff wanting to work more. The management’s generosity reflects to company culture where everyone feels belong and part of a family. As workers, we heard upper management saying, “people are not here for company success, company is here for people”.

         CRYPTTECH makes no discrimination of any kind during its recruitment process. Result of this attitude, company has a multilateral workplace. When we check the employment list of people, CRYPTTECH has Turkish, Kurdish, Syrians, a Chechen and a Bulgarian all working together at a very nationalist country like Turkey -where most people prefer to hire their own. Company internal WhatsApp messaging group is one major example of “freedom of speech”. From Vice presidents to new comers, everyone speaks their mind about the most sensitive topics and no one is allowed to judge one another based on personal opinions. This messenger is also a tool for brainstorming future projects.

The company provided internship to 10 Turkish, 2 Indians and 1 Chinese just this year.

Companies like CRYPTTECH are hope for Turkey.

Int. Relations Manager
CRYPTTECH – Cyber Security Intelligence


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